Nursing administration errors can have serious consequences for patients, their families, and healthcare providers. While most nursing administration errors are unintentional, they can lead to serious harm or even death. Here are the top 5 most litigated nursing administration errors:

Medication errors – Medication errors are among the most common nursing administration errors. These errors can include prescribing the wrong medication, administering the wrong dose, or failing to monitor a patient’s response to medication. Medication errors can result in serious harm, including adverse reactions and death.

Falls – Falls are a common cause of injury in healthcare facilities, and nursing administration plays a key role in preventing them. This includes ensuring that patients are properly assessed for fall risk, that appropriate interventions are implemented, and that patients are monitored regularly.

Pressure ulcers – Pressure ulcers are a preventable condition that can develop when patients are not repositioned frequently enough. Nursing administration is responsible for ensuring that patients are turned and repositioned according to their individual needs.

Infection control – Infection control is critical in preventing the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare facilities. Nursing administration is responsible for ensuring that staff are trained in proper infection control techniques and that these techniques are consistently followed.

Restraints – Restraints should only be used as a last resort when less restrictive measures have been tried and failed. Nursing administration is responsible for ensuring that restraints are used appropriately and in accordance with facility policies and state and federal regulations.

Preventing nursing administration errors requires a comprehensive approach that includes proper training, clear policies and procedures, and a culture of safety. Healthcare facilities must ensure that nursing staff are properly trained in medication administration, fall prevention, infection control, and the use of restraints. Additionally, healthcare providers must be vigilant in monitoring patients for signs of adverse events and taking appropriate action when necessary.

To minimize the risk of litigation related to nursing administration errors, healthcare providers must prioritize patient safety and implement best practices to prevent these errors from occurring. By doing so, healthcare providers can ensure that patients receive the best possible care while minimizing the risk of legal liability.